Global Games G-STAR 2015

Korea's very own Game Show G-STAR 2015 will be held in BEXCO, Busan, Korea from November 12th to 15th. Organised by the Korea Internet & Digital Entertainment Association (K-iDEA), G-STAR is a global game exhibition that has generated more than $200 million of business value for four days. As of now, the Organizing Committee expects 1154 booths in Public Area and 916 booths in the Business Area.
Why the Apple TV is NOT a gaming console.

Those of you that watched the Apple event would no doubt be familiar with the hypnotizing phenomenon that is Apple marketing, but some of the newly released gadgets such as the Apple TV leaves much to be desired. What the new rebooted Apple TV promised was a gaming powerhouse but is in fact a micro-console, which is more in line with the Ouya than with the Playstation or Xbox.
A Look Into The World Of eSports

By some metrics eSports is beginning to outstrip the popularity of conventional sports and it is only recently that companies and organisations have begun to capitalize on this enormous audience. The audience itself is not bound to any one demographic and cuts through geography, class, race and culture. Thanks to the evolution of gaming platforms from console and PC to easily accessible mobile devices, more people are playing games than ever before and we’re only expecting to see these numbers rise over time.
Family eSports

The world of eSports has been dominated by such games like DOTA 2, League of Legends and Call of Duty and is often associated with hardcore gamers. Teams from all over the world train for years to develop the skills to enter the international tournaments that boast millions of dollars in prize money and worldwide recognition. But what about others that just love the sport of gaming? Well last weekend Mediasoft Entertainment held an e-Tournament where anyone could come and participate and everyone walked away with a little something.