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Havene Liew, Managing Director of Mediasoft, About Malaysia’s Biggest Game Developer had the chance to talk to Havene Liew, Managing Director of Mediasoft, the largest games studio in Malaysia. Mediasoft develops games for multi-platform devices – Mobile, PC, Browser, Tablets and Console. The portfolio compromises of game genres from sports, education as well as a wide variety of casual games.
Rollspike Is The First Ever Malaysian Sepak Takraw Mobile Game

Mediasoft is no stranger to developing games that reflect Asia’s culture and success. Badminton is a global sport that has historically been dominated by Asian players with Malaysia being in the top three worldwide, so Mediasoft took it upon themselves to best reflect that.
Rollspike, the first ever Sepak Takraw mobile game from Malaysia

Malaysia is a relatively young country compared to others and we share cultures from other parts of Asia as well. But it always has been a challenge to best represent what makes us unique and relatable to international audiences. So how do you make a game that reflects us the best without the overused stereotypes? Mediasoft Entertainment found the answer in sports. More specifically sepak takraw.
Mediasoft Education Development Initiative and Action (MEDIA)

At Mediasoft, we are always looking for ways to give back to the community and contribute in whatever way possible in the education sector. This week, our Managing Director\\\'s Alumni - Yong Peng High School visited Mediasoft HQ in Puchong to receive our donation for their upcoming Charity Auction.
From Indie To Corporate : The Making of Jump Smash 15

Chia Jinlence is lead programmer for Jump Smash 15, released by Mediasoft Entertainment in April. In this postmortem, he details his work on Jump Smash, as well as his transition from indie developer to a programmer at Mediasoft, one of the largest developers in Malaysia.
Li-Ning Jump Smash Survivor e-Tournament

It's first day of September, how did everyone spend the weekend and Merdeka day? Last Sunday, we went to Sunway Pyramid where there was Li-Ning Jump Smash Survivor e-Tournament happening from the 28 August to 31 August 2015. Jump Smash 15 had been launched by Mediasoft Entertainment, and there was Prizes worth up to RM100,000 for the survivors of the Li-Ning Jump Smash Survivor e-Tournament.
Li-Ning Jump Smash Survivor e-Tournament at Sunway Pyramid

The event Li-Ning Jump Smash Survivor e-Tournament, I attended the event on Sunday 30 August 2015. Li-Ning Jump Smash Survivor e-Tournament was being held from 28 August to 31 August 2015. If you are fan of gaming and badminton be sure to check out Jump Smash 15!
Jump Smash Survivor Tournament

I was invited to attend a tournament at Sunway Pyramid called as Jump Smash which was launched by Mediasoft Entertainment as they are looking for the survival to win prizes worth more than RM100,000.00. Wow...The contest was held from 28th August 2015 till 31st August 2015 where fun games, fantastic prizes and lucky draw every 2 hours awaits all of you.
Jump Smash SURVIVOR E-Tournament 2015 (Sunway Pyramid)

Hi JumpSmash Fans! We’ll be holding the Li-Ning Jump Smash Survivor e-Tournament in Kuala Lumpur from the 29th – 31st of August at Sunway Pyramid. There are plenty of FANTASTIC PRIZES to be won as well as FREE JumpSmash Limited Edition Merchandize! So mark your calendars and get ready to JUMP SMASH!
Badminton: Jump Smash Android Game GamePlay (HD)

Total BWF World Championships 2015 | Penonton Juga Bisa Juara

Jakarta – Semarak perhelatan Total BWF World Championship 2015 kian meriah. Bermacam-macam booth sponsor berlomba-loba menyajikan promo dan hiburan menarik. Salah satunya booth Mediasoft, yang memberikan kesempatan kepada seluruh pengunjung di Istora Senayan untuk menjadi seorang juara.
Fans invited to take part in interactive tournament to run alongside Badminton World Championships

The Badminton World Federation (BWF) are inviting fans to take part in a "Li-Ning Jump Smash e-tournament", which will run alongside the Total BWF World Championships in Indonesia's capital city Jakarta.
How To Be A Pro At Jump Smash™ 15 With Zero Badminton Skills

If you’re a fan of badminton then you’ve probably already heard about Jump Smash™ 15. The game includes contextual touch gameplay that’s supposed to mimic real-time badminton movements, although it is highly unlikely that your skills on the court will help you when it comes to beating the game. Here are some tips to help you beat Jump Smash™ 15.
Mediasoft董事长兼创始人Havene Liew:公司自主研发IP的重要性

4399手机游戏网报道。由GMGC全球移动游戏联盟主办的第三届亚洲移动游戏大会(MGA越南)在胡志明市落下帷幕。在大会现场邀请来自Mediasoft Entertainment的董事长&创始人Havene Liew作了题为《Mediasoft公司的蓝图:从第一天开始自主研发IP》的主题演讲,他在演讲中详细介绍了Mediasoft公司的业务类型、企业文化、战略等,同时畅谈了研发自主IP在本公司发展中的重要战略意义。
Mediasoft董事长Havene Liew:自主研发IP的战略意义

MGA| Mediasoft董事长兼创始人Havene Liew:自主研发IP的战略意义

点击标题下「游戏之音」可快速关注 由GMGC全球移动游戏联盟主办的第三届亚洲移动游戏大会(MGA越南)今日继续在胡志明市温莎广场酒店进行,作为亚太地区最有影响力的移动游戏盛会,共有来自越南、新加坡、马来西亚、泰国、菲律宾、印尼、日本、韩国、中国大陆、台湾及香港等国家和地区的百名移动游戏翘楚齐聚越南,总结2015上半年移动游戏现状及得失,展望2015下半年及明年市场动向,洞悉移动游戏未来发展契机,积极开拓产业新蓝海。
Corporate Visit

Good news! < MOC Capital Circle> brought you another exciting corporate visit to Korea Wallpaper and Mediasoft Entertainment on 26th of June 2015! Entrepreneurs tends to learn from each other, increase value to the company, hence, create absolute advantage !!!
Li-Ning JumpSmash 15: an engaging and thrilling badminton experience

I didn’t think there was any way to make badminton an interesting experience in video games, especially on the mobile platform. Needless to say, Mediasoft has proven me wrong with JumpSmash 15. Not only is the game fun to play, but it has a lot of content and an intricate gameplay style that will surely have people addicted for a long time to come.
Stick Cricket 2 to Li Ning Jump Smash: Top 5 free sports games for your mobile

From mixed martial arts to snowboarding (and obviously Cricket), these sports games offer hours of fingertapping fun. Here’s our monthly check-list of top Sports games that are a must-have on your smartphone. Play on, gamers.
7 Mobile Games You Didn’t Know Were Made By Malaysian Game Developers

You might have played these games when you were bored but did you know that these games are proudly made by Malaysians? Here’s a list of great games (in no particular order) that have been developed by Malaysian game developers; and if you haven’t tried them, you definitely should.
Jogue badminton neste game 3D extremamente bem feito

Badminton é um esporte parecido com o tênis: os jogadores precisam usar raquetes para rebater uma peteca com penas, no lugar da bola. Este app traz partidas e campeonados mundiais desse esporte. Você pode escolher representar vários países e participar de partidas cheias de desafios. Os controles exigem que você pense rápido e tenha reflexos de um verdadeiro campeão.
Mediasoft Launches Jump Smash 15, An Update To The Popular Badminton Title

Mediasoft Entertainment, A digital entertainment studio in Malaysia, has announced badminton mobile game Jump Smash 15. The game is launching globally on all three major platforms, Android, iOS and the Windows App Store.
Jeux de Sport Android

Le sport est l'une de tes passions ? Tu vas adorer les jeux de sport sur Android. Foot, ski, surf, basket, tennis et autres sont présents pour toi. Choisis celui que tu veux, que tu le pratiques déjà ou pas, tu vas t'amuser et te perfectionner
Li-Ning Jump Smash 15 Android

Une seule solution pour découvrir le jeu Li-Ning Jump Smash 15 Android, un de nos meilleurs Jeux de Sport Android gratuit, lis le texte suivant ou regarde la vidéo qui présente le jeu !!!
Nouveaux Jeux Android 2015

Retrouvez ici les Nouveaux Jeux Android Gratuits de JEU .info comme spider square android, historia android, giraffe evolution android, ninja guerrier assassin 3d android, farmville a vos récoltes android, hero run android, lara croft relic run android, rival kingdoms android, mr muscle android, judi knight android.
Jump Smash™ 15 Badminton Smartphone Game Application With Mediasoft™ Entertainment

The Jump Smash™ 15 is one of the latest release in the popular badminton sports franshine by Mediasoft Entertainment™. I have been told that this sports game, Jump Smash™ also being partnership with international sport brand, Li Ning. The Jump Smash™ 15 has utilise a simplified and intuitive gameplay model where the characters will react contextually to the gesture-based user interface that mimics real-time badminton movements. Audiences will experience badminton like they never have before with game features such as customisable characters, PVP and tournament mode.

在游戏这个被誉为“第九大艺术”的殿堂中,我们却能化身成像林丹那样的超级羽球手,和世界各地的羽球好手一决高下。 一提到羽毛球这项运动,想必在座各位玩家都不会感觉陌生。我国作为羽毛球运动强国,拥有一大批天才球员,这些羽毛球健儿在世界各大羽球赛事以及奥运会上展现出极具统治力的实力并摘金夺银,赢了很多荣誉。
Li-Ning Jump Smash™ 15 - Wirtualna „kometka” na urządzenia mobilne

Badminton to dyscyplina sportu, która chyba już zawsze będzie mi się kojarzyć z kolonijnymi spartakiadami, z czasów dzieciństwa. Zdaję sobie jednak sprawę z tego, że wielu sportowców gra zawodowo i bynajmniej nie jest to rekreacyjne i nudne, odbijanie kometki paletką. Badminton w wersji halowej to naprawdę dynamiczny sport, który ma swoich entuzjastów na całym świecie. Dyscypliny, nie zabrakło również na urządzeniach mobilnych. Dziś udało mi się trafić na symulator tego właśnie sportu. Gra nie jest może szczególnie realistyczna i próżno tu szukać zawodników, którzy odnoszą sukcesy w prawdziwym świecie, ale tytuł jest naprawdę miłą odmianą dla wirtualnych „tenisów” czy innych „pingpongów”
[Bonus Round] Skullduggery, Fish Pond Park, Wings Remastered, Battledots, Indefinite, Bears Vs. Art, And Li-Ning Jump Smash 15

Welcome to the latest entry in our Bonus Round series, wherein we tell you all about the new Android games of the day that we couldn't get to during our regular news rounds. Consider this a quick update for the dedicated gamers who can't wait for our bi-weekly roundups, and don't want to wade through a whole day's worth of news just to get their pixelated fix. Today we've got a unique head-smashing platformer, another Kairosoft management sim, a classic WWI dogfighter, a minimal lane-based strategy game, an interesting text-based interrogation title, a game where you eat people and smash paintings, and an anime-inspired badminton game.
Jump Smash™ 15 Game Features

Mediasoft™ Entertainment is proud to announce the future of sports gaming; with the World’s No.1 badminton mobile game Jump Smash™ 15. Now available globally on the Google Play Store Click, Download & Play NOW!
Get Your Badminton On in ‘Li-Ning Jump Smash 15’

Sports games releases are a yearly ritual if you happen to love Madden. But hey, what if you’re super into badminton? Unfortunately, there’s no upcoming console game, but there is a new mobile title. Li-Ning Jump Smash 15 is the latest iteration of this anime-styled badminton series. Some of its newest features include a PvP and tournament mode. The download itself is free, but also includes in-app purchases.
Jump Smash 15

Jump Smash 15's new trailer is pretty darn epic for a game about badminton, game is out April 30th
Malaysia's top game studio launches a brand new Badminton game for iOS, Android and Windows Phone

Mediasoft Entertainment is Malaysia's biggest digital entertainment studio and they are focused on producing high quality mobile games. Based in Kuala Lumpur, the company today announced a brand new game which is a sequel to their hit badminton game from last year.
Get Your Badminton On em 'Li-Ning jump smash 15'

Esportes jogos lançados são um ritual anual, se acontecer a amar Madden. Mas hey, o que se você está super em badminton? Infelizmente, não há nenhum jogo de console próximo, mas há um novo título móvel.
Get Your Badminton On in ‘Li-Ning Jump Smash 15′

Sports games releases are a yearly ritual if you happen to love Madden. But hey, what if you’re super into badminton? Unfortunately, there’s no upcoming console game, but there is a new mobile title.
Jump Smash

Saving the World, one shuttlecock at a time. Welcome to Jump Smash 2015 (1.04)
Li-Ning Jump Smash 15

Li-Ning Jump Smash 15 - спортивная игра, которая предлагает возможности мультиплеер режима, посвященной такой спортивной дисциплине, как бадминтон. Выбирайте своего спортсмена, настраивайте его спортивные характеристики по своему усмотрению и пройдите головокружительную спортивную карьеру. Примите участие в одиночных встречах один на один или два на два против других пользователей со всего мира, выступайте в мировых чемпионатах и получайте за спортивные успехи заслуженные награды. По мере прохождения пользователь получит возможность открыть огромное количество вариантов настойки внешнего вида спортсмена, прокачать его умения и мастерски овладеть всеми особенностями приемов и ударов ракеткой по волану. Приложение наделено качественной трехмерной графикой, красивой анимацией и реальными спортивными звуками.
Jump Smash 15, Best Badminton Game

Bersyukurlah ditengah boomingnya mobile game ada seri Jump Smash dari mediasoft yang mampu membuat penggemar badminton/bulu tangkis/tepok bulu bernafas lega.Jika kita tengok jarang sekali developer game yang melirik badminton sebagai project mereka.Ya didunia badminton memang kalah tenar dengan olahraga raket lainnya macam tenis.Jika kau cari game tenis maka akan keluar game tenis dari developer top dunia macam Virtua tennis dari Sega atau lainnya.
Mobile Badminton Game Jump Smash 15 For When You’re Off The Real Court

Sports enthusiasts might be familiar with Jump Smash, a mobile badminton game. Published by local world-class games studio Mediasoft Entertainment and partner Astro Malaysia, the game first made headlines back in 2013, when Jump Smash 2013 broke sales records with more than 1.8 million downloads within the first month of its launch. And now, they’re back with Jump Smash 15.
Jump Smash Dev Partners With Li-Ning - Game Set Reach Mobile Devices Soon

At the recently concluded GDC, Malaysian-based games developer Mediasoft Entertainment unveiled the latest sequel to their highly rated mobile game since their partnership with Chinese sporting goods giants Li-Ning - Li-Ning Jump Smash 2015.
Jump Smash at GDC 2015 with Li-Ning and Mediasoft

San Francisco, 9 th March 2015 – Mediasoft™ Entertainment, Malaysia is proud to announce the latest sequel in their award wining sports games, Li-Ning Jump Smash™ 2015 at the Game Developers Conference (GDC) in San Francisco.
Malaysian Video Game Development Industry to Be Represented at GDC

The Multimedia Development Corporation of Malaysia (MDeC) will be bringing the Malaysian game development industry to GDC this year. The attending companies will include ACE EdVenture Studio, Forest Interactive, Inspidea, Lemonsky, Mediasoft Entertainment, Motiofixo Visuals, Streamframe, Streamline, Terato Tech and WIGU.
Game thể thao Li-Ning Jump Smash lột xác trở thà manga

Đối với những ai đam mê game thể thao thì chắc hẳn ít nhiều cũng sẽ biết đến series Li-Ning Jump Smash, một tựa game cầu lông được phát hành bởi công ty Mediasoft Entertainment của Malaysia. Tuy nhiên, với phiên bản 2015 sắp tới đây thì nhiều người hẳn sẽ phải ngạc nhiên vì sự thay đổi của trò chơi này.
Game thể thao Li-Ning Jump Smash lột xác trở thà manga

Chú ý: Đây là một bài viết hay và chất lượng được Gamen dẫn lại Theo GameSao. Để đọc thêm các bài viết khác trên Website GameSao, mời bạn truy cập theo các đường link sau: Tin Game Online , Và Tin Game Mobile. Các Game Thủ cũng có thể đọc thêm các tin Game hay, bài viết chất lượng khác trên Gamen tại chuyên mục Game mobile.
Colorful Manga Characters To Add Entertainment Quotient To Upcoming Jump Smash Games

Mediasoft’s information is set large on the upcoming 2015 version of its hit badminton game sequence, Jump Smash. Asia’s most excellent pragmatic badminton mobile game will comprise manga-style characters. The characters will have neon-colored hairstyles, which will be used by players.
Why Manga Characters are Great for Upcoming Jump Smash Game

Mediasoft has released more information on the upcoming 2015 edition of its hit badminton game series, Jump Smash. Asia’s best realistic badminton mobile game will include manga-style characters, complete with neon-colored hairstyles, for use by players.
Why manga characters are great for upcoming Jump Smash game

Mediasoft has released more information on the upcoming 2015 edition of its hit badminton game series, Jump Smash. Asia’s best realistic badminton mobile game will include manga-style characters, complete with neon-colored hairstyles, for use by players.
Why manga characters are great for upcoming Jump Smash game

Mediasoft has released more information on the upcoming 2015 edition of its hit badminton game series, Jump Smash. Asia’s best realistic badminton mobile game will include manga-style characters, complete with neon-colored hairstyles, for use by players.
16 of This Year’s Best Indie Mobile Games from Asia

It’s been one heck of a year for indie games, more so for those on the mobile platform. Mobile penetration and growth has been rising steadily over the past couple of years in Asia, and so has the quality of mobile games produced by indie developers. Here are some of the best ones we’ve seen all year.
Jump Smash Ou Le Succès Discret Du Badminton Sur Smartphones

Alors que les Internationaux de France de badminton se déroulent jusqu'à dimanche 26 octobre à Paris, le volant n'inspire guère la grande majorité des adeptes de jeu vidéo français, qui ont été un demi-million à se jeter sur la simulation de football FIFA 15 dès la première semaine.
Jump Smash ou le succès discret du badminton sur smartphones En savoir plus sur

Alors que les Internationaux de France de badminton se déroulent jusqu'à dimanche 26 octobre à Paris, le volant n'inspire guère la grande majorité des adeptes de jeu vidéo français, qui ont été un demi-million à se jeter sur la simulation de football FIFA 15 dès la première semaine. Ce n'est pas le cas en Asie du Sud-Est, où le badminton fait sensation à la télé comme en jeu vidéo.
Local Game Gets International Stars

Mediasoft Entertainment Sdn Bhd is ­bolstering the line-up of its Jump Smash smartphone game with international stars such as Lin Dan and Chen Long.
Mediasoft Nets 5-Year Partnership Deal With Li-Ning

Major Chinese-based sportsbrand Li Ning has signed a five-year deal with Malaysian-based game dev Mediasoft Entertainment for their hit badminton game Jump Smash.
Game Review Badminton: Jump Smash™

Download Badminton Bound Smash – Badminton аԁаƖаh salah satu olahraga terpopuler ԁі Indonesia. Dahulu Indonesia реrnаh memiliki atlet berprestasi tingkat dunia уаnɡ sering juara. Nah, јіkа kalian mengaku penggila Badminton, tіԁаk hаrυѕ bermain ԁі lapangan. Cobalah diversion Badminton: Bound Smash уаnɡ ѕυԁаh tersedia υntυk platform Apparatus. Inі merupakan diversion buatan developer Mediasoft Entertainment.
[新闻转载] 《羽球杀:传奇版》即将推出王友福担任代言人

Mediasoft Entertainment在去年10月推出世界上第一款以全3D技术制作的拟真羽毛球手机游戏《羽球杀》(Jump Smash)后,在短短半年内就达到了将近4百万的下载量(包括iOS、google play及其他非官方论坛等游戏平台),赢得了玩家及羽毛球发烧友们的热烈追捧,因此趁热推出《羽球杀:传奇版》,引领玩家进入一个近乎完美的手机游戏场景。
Mediasoft Jumps And Smash

Mediasoft Entertainment recently unveiled their latest mobile platform game Jump Smash Legend, which is the latest installment to the successful 3D badminton simulation mobile game franchise, Jump Smash.
大马制造JumpSmash 单挑世界羽球手

打羽球吗?那你一定想像过……不知道和世界级羽毛球好手较量的滋味如何吧? 有梦最美啦。但在真实世界里,这梦想相当有难度!体育类游戏App《JumpSmash》就把不可能变可能,它让玩家单挑世界羽球好手,短短3个月递造逾400万次下载量,重点是……它Made In Malaysia。
JumpSmash: Badminton explores fresh frontiers

One of the innovative ways in which sport has spread is through gaming. Badminton has remained somewhat distanced from such technological innovations. A new game, however, promises to replicate the world badminton circuit for those hooked to gaming on mobiles and tablets. Called JumpSmash, the game has characters closely resembling the top badminton stars, although their names have been tweaked to avoid legal trouble.
Ada "Taufik Hidayat" di Game Android

Jakarta - Siapa tak kenal Taufik Hidayat? Mantan pebulutangkis putra asal Pangalengan ini sangat tersohor di Indonesia juga luar negeri. Meskipun sudah pensiun, namun rupanya ia masih punya daya pikat.
大马推出“跳杀”游戏 为李宗伟报伦敦奥运一箭之仇

把最能代表马来西亚的羽毛球运动化为动画,在弹指间让全世界羽球迷疯狂,手机游戏“羽球杀”(Jump Smash)即将面市! 项全新的羽球游戏是由大马游戏软件公司Mediasoft经过一年多时间开发后,将于今年10月1日正式推出市场,适合安卓与苹果手机。
Forget NBA 2K and FIFA. Jump Smash is the next sports big video game franchise out of Asia

An Asian developer wanting to go head-to-head with the huge sports game franchises of FIFA and NBA 2K could be called ambitious. But what do you call an Asian developer who is already doing that? A self-funded studio in Selangor, Malaysia, Mediasoft is just over two years old. Yet it has already created a sports game brand for itself. It is the developer of the realistic badminton mobile game, Jump Smash.