• Ip Creation

    Mediasoft™ is in the business of developing truly unique and exciting original Intellectual Property (IP). We believe that in doing so not only are we able to foray into a wide reaching range of media entertainment but to also grow the company in a diverse and sustainable way.

    IP Creation is an integral part of our business as it allows us to work with various organisations and adds value to both our partners and ourselves. It also aids in promoting customer recognition of our products and services.

  • Games

    Mediasoft™ develops games for multi-platform devices - Mobile, PC, Browser, Tablets and Console

    Our portfolio compromises of game genres from sports, education as well as a wide variety of casual games.

    Mediasoft™ has an array of exclusive distribution channels worldwide that strive to deliver top-rated entertainment products to gamers all over the world including the iTunes, Google Play and Windows App stores.

  • Animation

    Mediasoft™ combines innovative imagination and creative storytelling with world-class technical expertise to create stunning visual animation that amazes and transports viewers to a brand new world across all our products.

    Our digital animation projects are spread across a wide range of platforms from feature films, commercials, trailers, music videos, teasers to in-game animation. We strongly believe in consistent education to keep ourselves updated with the latest technologies and developments within the animation industry.