• Our Story

    Mediasoft™ Entertainment is an award winning world-class digital entertainment studio from Malaysia. From conceptualization all the way through post production our portfolio of original IP games have been created with the standards of world-class quality, highly excessive imagination as well as a good helping of Mediasoft™ magic.

    Mediasoft™ brings to the international arena an unmatched passion to create, innovate and develop truly unique and exciting digital entertainment content. Through our strategic partnerships across Asia, North America and Europe, the Mediasoft™ presence is renowned on a global scale.

  • Vision

    Launched in 2012, our vision is to constantly innovate, create high quality creative content and develop an infrastructure of creative learning and growth to become the world’s number one leading digital entertainment company.

    Mediasoft™ not only seeks to develop our own games and IPs but to boost the gaming industry of Malaysia as a whole. Constant learning, providing training and education to the community will not only promote the healthy development of our gaming ecosystem in Malaysia but will give back to society as part of our corporate social responsibility.

  • Mission

    Mediasoft™ has a mission of creating a world-renowned digital entertainment company that will focus on developing highly innovative, creative IPs that caters to a global market. The company seeks to inspire people through the joy of gaming by creating wonderful and imaginative products with meaningful messages for our consumers to enjoy and celebrate.

    The company also seeks to provide an environment that fosters passion, talent and imagination in a shared platform that allows everyone in our Mediasoft™ family to reach their full potential. With a corporate culture that is a fusion of international and local values we are looking to create the ideal place of business, work and entertainment.

    Mediasoft™ works as a socially responsible corporate entity that collaborates with both foreign and local partners to create the maximum value for their shareholders.