• The Directors

    Havene Liew, Managing Director

    “An individual no matter how talented is limited to create a finite amount of things but as a team the possibilities are infinite”.

    At Mediasoft™ we’re focused on not just creating a successful digital entertainment company, but a sustainable infrastructure that houses a conducive creative environment that is constantly learning and evolving to push the boundaries of innovation.

    Our highly diverse team is the lifeblood of this organization. We take only the very best and brightest from all over the world to join our Mediasoft™ family. Our culture is one of high autonomy, creative freedom and high efficiency synergy. We believe that this is the best way that creativity and innovation is allowed to grow and mature to become something truly spectacular. Each and every member is integral in contributing to every one of our projects and what we have today is all thanks to the hardwork and dedication of our spectacular team.

  • The Directors

    YBhg. Dato’ Rayson Wong,
    Business Development Director

    “Mediasoft™ Entertainment is founded on the basis of fostering passion and talent to create a company that not only succeeds but sustains”

    Mediasoft™ Entertainment has one of the most experienced and dynamic management teams in the entertainment industry. Our mission, to become the number one digital entertainment studio starts first with investing in our people and then giving back to our community. All of us at Mediasoft™ are united with this common goal and step-by-step we will make our dreams a reality that will shape the landscape of the future.

    Mediasoft™ working together with global leading game developers and critically acclaimed production studios have quickly been gaining awareness in the international community and they’re looking forward for further growth from the company that will put Malaysia on the map as the ‘Creative Animation Gaming Hub of Asia’.